At lot of hotels have old an wooden dance floor and often these are badly damaged through years of use.  This can take the shine of your beautifully decorated room.   Adding a Starlight Dance Floor to your room decor will cover this up and really set your venue off.   All of our Dance Floor will cover 16ft x 16ft and can be installed in the morning or after your meals to work around your requirements

The Starlight Dance has almost became a fixture at every Wedding Reception these days and for very good reason.  These floors are absolutely stunning and look incredible for pictures during your first dance.  Our LED Starlight Dances Floors can stretch up to 16ft x 16ft and can be resized to accommodate your venue.

LED Starlight Dance Floor Hire


Starlight Dance Floor and Mr Mrs
Starlight Dance Floor
Starlight Dance Floor2
Starlight Dance Floor3

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